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GoPro Hero 3 and 3+ Battery Eliminator Power Adapter Cable Cigarette Lighter ...

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Part Number:WN-GP-324
  • Install in place of your rechargeable battery and connect to USB power source.
  • Perfect long time-lapse videos!
  • Your camera will run cooler and more reliably with less lock ups from overheating.
  • Cable is approximately 1.5 meters long and as pictured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the DC Coupler  compatible with the Hero 2?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! The DC coupler (the "fake" battery) will fit in the battery compartment of the Hero 2. The power terminals of the Hero 2 are reversed from the Hero 3. Using this battery eliminator with the Hero 2 will DESTROY THE CAMERA. Even before you turn the camera on.

Can I connect my camera to a computer using the USB port while the DC Coupler is connected?

Yes, you can download from the camera SD card while it is operating on the battery eliminator. The battery eliminator will work just like a regular battery that is fully charged. The camera will not attempt to charge it from the computer.


Can I make the camera take photos or record video automatically when power is applied?

In order to start recording when power is applied, it is necessary to start the camera. The controller has an automatic start mode specifically designed for this purpose. When power is applied, the controller waits a few seconds, then virtually presses the power button on the camera to start it. For Hero 3 White cameras, they can start in One Button Mode. Hero 3 Black cameras can run a Super One Button Mode script which can take photos and or video before turning the camera off.

 What kind of power Source can I use for the DC coupler?

Any Power source which output range between DC 5V - 24V.  For best results, use a power source that can provide at least 1 amp.

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